“The North East Business Banking Pulse”

The North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC) is working with Smart Money People to determine just how well the region’s businesses are being served by the financial services industry.

The partnership sees the launch of “The North East Business Banking Pulse”, inviting all businesses throughout the region to share their experiences and uncover a valuable and representative snapshot of businesses’ financial experiences.

Entrepreneur, Mike Fotis, founder of financial services review and insight platform Smart Money People is working with the region’s largest business membership organisation to discover what more can be done to help the region prosper.

“Business banking and access to capital are critical items for many businesses. We’re aiming to take the pulse of 700 North East businesses across multiple industries, and by using a review format we’ve made it simpler and quicker for businesses to share their experiences with us.

“The North East is an increasingly innovative place for business, but often gets overlooked as a centre for financial services. Smart Money People is passionate about being at the heart of this growing financial services sector.”

Launched in October 2014, the Newcastle-based company is the UK’s only review and insight platform focused on Financial Services.

Following the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Consumer Panel’s call to empower consumers as co-regulators, the team of six – including graduates from the Universities of Northumbria, Newcastle and Teesside – aim to better engage consumers and give financial services organisations a better customer insight.

NECC Head of Policy, Ross Smith backs the survey alongside the Chamber’s Manifesto campaign to support local business environments that encourage growth and enterprise.

“The North East is increasingly a centre of innovative business activity. While there is an active support network, we know that well-functioning business banking and access to wider financial services remain vital to support the region’s growth.

“Smart Money People is one of NECC’s new and innovative members and we’re happy to support this important initiative. We look forward to sharing the results with our members.”

The North East Business Banking Pulse will run from Wednesday 13 January to Friday 12 February and is open to all North East-based businesses. Businesses can take part by visiting www.smartmoneypeople.com. Summary results are due to be released in late February.

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