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Digital Infographic - Why North East England Works - Invest North East EnglandDigital Infographic - Why North East England Works - Invest North East England
Cost competitive property across the UK - Why North East England WorksCost competitive property across the UK - Why North East England Works
Highest proportion of students studying STEM subjects - Why North East England WorksHighest proportion of students studying STEM subjects - Why North East England Works
Creative Industry Infographic - Why North East England Works - Invest North East EnglandCreative Industry Infographic - Why North East England Works - Invest North East England
Fastest broadband - Why North East England worksFastest broadband - Why North East England works

The North East is home to software and technology companies operating and innovating across the globe. Headquartered within the region, but with many businesses also operating out of offices in London, United States of America, Europe and the rest of the world, the North East offers a unique prospect for investors.

Many of the companies located in the North East have grown into leading, world-class enterprises. The region is a driving force for digital innovation, world-class design, solid technology capabilities, and a highly skilled workforce. A substantial number of the Digital and Tech businesses based here have experienced rapid turnover growth in the regions nurturing digital environment.

Why Digital and Tech firms choose to locate in North East England

  • Home to one of the UK’s fastest growing tech cluster outside of London
  • The existence of an Innovation SuperNetwork, the first network of its kind in the UK. The SuperNetwork uses its unique position and overview of the region to ignite innovation and new collaborations
  • A large talent pool primed with the specialised skills needed in the IT and Digital sector
  • A region that knows how to bring together people, knowledge, ideas, new market opportunities and finance
  • Outstanding facilities that provide businesses with a dynamic and supportive environment to accelerate the growth into global markets
  • Benefitting from efficient major road, rail and metro networks and international airports, the region gives ready access to key business centres across the globe
  • Five universities and the highest proportion of students studying STEM subjects in the UK
  • An exceptional quality of life with a low cost of living enabling companies to attract and retain the best digital talent.
A vibrant centre for innovation and investment

The North East of England, with its unique support network and thriving Digital and Tech sector, is the perfect environment to welcome investors seeking to take advantage of the superb tech offering within the region. Already home to software and gaming companies who are enjoying global success; pioneering companies providing specialised innovative technology solutions to the subsea sector; and a growing cluster of companies operating in the hugely lucrative space industry.

International IT success story Sage was established in the North East and continue to have a major presence in the region, employing over 1,000 highly skilled people.  Investors such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Bede Gaming and Accenture already take advantage of the business opportunities within the North East.

With world-class businesses operating across the globe, our tech cluster collaborates and networks to accelerate business growth. The Innovation SuperNetwork, Dynamo North East, Digital Union, Sunderland Software City, the Digital Catapult North East and Tees Valley and Newcastle’s Cloud Innovation Centre, all offer superb networking, training and support to investors.

North East England has a fantastic portfolio of physical space and technical support for new and growing businesses. The National Innovation Centre for Data (NICD) at Newcastle Helix in Newcastle upon Tyne, aims to see the next Google or Facebook started in the UK and help the country capitalise on a potential £40bn a year boost to the economy. The NICD aims to link up leading academic talent in universities, with industry, and the public sector to help them develop the skills they need to solve real world problems using advances in data.

Our tech eco-system is further enhanced by our five universities and their world-leading research excellence in computer science and informatics; as well as a comprehensive suite of public and private sector funding to nurture business growth. North East universities are some of the best in the UK and provide qualifications and training relevant to the main industry sectors, as well as playing key roles in driving research and development, helping support innovation through knowledge and initiatives, and providing platforms for spin out companies.

Also playing a major role in enhancing the North East’s talent pool of skilled workers are the region’s higher education colleges who work collaboratively with private sector companies to deliver bespoke courses designed to equip students with the skills they need for a career in the IT sector.  The North East Futures University Technical College (UTC), specialises in IT & Computing and Healthcare Sciences for 14 – 19 year olds. The college offers innovative ways of learning centred on specialist projects, and has private sector funding from Accenture, HP and Ubisoft.