Immersive Technology

Originating from the North East games industry, the Immersive Technologies Sector in the region has grown to one of the most significant in the UK.

The North East has one of the most innovative, creative clusters outside of London. Businesses working in the field of Immersive Technologies, headquartered in the region and operating on a

Immersive Technology Brochure Download
Immersive Technology Brochure Download

global scale, include ZeroLight, Hammerhead VR, Hedgehog lab and Coatsink.

Hedgehog lab has grown into a leading, world-class enterprise app designer / developer and post-PC technology consultant, offering official iOS and android, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Wearables.

The North East’s creative cluster has been supported by ground-breaking Research and Development facilities, and a highly skilled workforce that is continually expanded by a flow of sector-relevant university graduates.

Why Immersive Technology businesses choose to locate and invest in the North East

• Access to a substantial pool of highly skilled developers

• Five universities within the region that offer specialist courses in the immersive tech sector

• Superb business and innovation networks

• Outstanding facilities, office space and collaborative innovation hubs

Access to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality global markets

Companies located in North East benefit from access to sectors renowned for adopting immersive technology solutions. The region has an innovative, advanced manufacturing and automotive sector already integrating robotics and AI in to its global operations, for example, Nissan; as well as a world-class subsea technology and engineering base.

Access to a highly-skilled workforce

The region has over 28,000 people employed in its ICT sector

Five universities in the North East ensure that the region is a source of talent, with each university offering innovative and specialist courses aimed at the Immersive Technology sector, focused on robotics and Artificial Intelligence at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The North East Futures University Technical College (UTC), opening in 2018, will specialise in IT & Computing and Healthcare Sciences for 14 – 19 year olds. The college will offer innovative ways of learning centred on specialist projects, and has private sector funding from Accenture, HP and Ubisoft.

Unrivalled business networks

VRTGO Labs is the UK’s first industry-led Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) centre of excellence that brings together VR and AR companies, academics and freelancers, to collaborate on the development and commercial application of these emerging technologies.

Sunderland Software City is the delivery organisation for The Digital Catapult Centre for the North East and Tees Valley. Projects focus on the controlled delivery and security of data, and helping businesses from a range of sectors, to exploit the value of data to increase information sharing, open new business models and revenue streams.

Dynamo is a volunteer-led group set up with the core mission to ‘Grow the North East IT Economy’ through collaboration, innovation and skills.

Digital Union is the largest network of Digital businesses across the North East. The network aims to represent the sector and provide flexible and adaptable business support.

Six reasons why...

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