Advanced Manufacturing Forum

Advanced Manufacturing Forum (AMF) is a business support organisation for manufacturing companies. Dedicated to supporting companies from a wide range of manufacturing sectors, AMF provides a platform where members can collectively share knowledge and best practice to create business growth, success and opportunities across the manufacturing industry and beyond.

AMF’s services include themed monthly meetings, with input from business leaders and high profile speakers, and quarterly sub-groups for those vital back-office functions; HR, Maintenance, Finance and Marketing.

AMF promotes collaboration and supply chain opportunities amongst its members and is committed to encouraging innovation and productivity best practice and promoting training & education throughout manufacturing in the North East or England.

Services for Investors

  • Free, six-month membership packages for companies setting up business in the region, thus providing networking opportunities as an excellent first step to integrate into the region
  • Access to AMF’s monthly meetings featuring high profile speakers, masterclasses from business leaders and best practice sessions from industry experts. Recurring themes of the monthly meetings are Skills, Innovation and Productivity as AMF continually strives to promote best practice in these areas
  • Access to AMF’s quarterly Marketing Club, HR Forum, Process Improvement Group and Finance Forum
  • Support for apprenticeships and training, access to strategic partners and promotion of relevant news stories & PR support. The process of a company trying to raise its profile in a new region or country can be greatly helped by these AMF services.
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Advanced Manufacturing Forum