Powering Tomorrow’s Carbon Neutral Industry

A team of multidisciplinary engineers on the Tyne is tackling the challenges the offshore industry is facing as it adapts to a carbon neutral future.

Walker Subsea, based at the Swans Centre for Innovation in North Tyneside, is using technology seen in the North East’s automotive industry to help power the offshore energy sector’s transition to net zero.

Vahid Walker, Founder of Walker Subsea, explains:

“There’s a huge benefit to using today’s automotive technologies in tomorrow’s offshore industry and the North East is a region where we can combine these two disciplines. In fact, our newest product – the Subsea A-Flux, which is the most power-dense subsea motor available and can be used in renewable power generation – came about partly due to our links with the North East’s strong automotive industry.” 

During the development of the Subsea A-Flux, the team at Walker Subsea also worked with North Tyneside Council and with the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult in Northumberland, which provides some of the best facilities for testing new offshore products in the world. 

“We’re based in an iconic location with a strong history but it’s also a site which gives us access to suppliers, customers and partners including the region’s universities.” 

“The work we do is multifaceted and we need people who are ambitious and free-thinking, and we have those people in spades here on the Tyne,” added Vahid