Building an International Business on the Tyne

Smulders is a large, international steel construction company with more than 1,000 employees across Belgium, Poland and the United Kingdom. When the company needed a new site, with space to build large scale structures for the offshore wind industry, it chose the Tyne.

With skills like fabrication and welding in their DNA, the Tyne’s skilled workers and established supply chain quickly helped make Smulders’ new site a success. The company now builds large steel foundations (jackets and transition pieces) for wind farms and substations here on the Tyne, before they are shipped to their final destinations in the North Sea and beyond. 

Smulders sees a long-term future on the Tyne.

“We’re investing in our Tyne facility because we believe in this location. It’s been fantastic. We’ve been welcomed with open arms and the people here have been key to our success.”

Tom Coosemans,
Director, Smulders Projects.