How the Tyne is creating a skilled workforce for the renewable and offshore industries

Newcastle College renewable offshore and subsea engineering

Just a few hundred metres from the Tyne, Newcastle College Energy Academy prepares hundreds of learners each year for successful careers in the offshore and renewable energy industries. Alan Goundry, Head of the Academy, explains how working closely with employers ensures that students enter the workforce with the skills businesses need. 

What kinds of training does Newcastle College Energy Academy provide?

We specialise in energy technology and engineering qualifications which are linked really closely with the offshore and renewable energy sectors. This means our learners gain the skills that employers need and, as a result, we see them move on into successful careers with businesses like Equinor, SMD and Smulders Projects. 

We offer courses from level one right through to level six, and we cover topics including renewable infrastructure engineering and welding fabrication. 

And our learners get access to one-of-a-kind, industry-standard training facilities, like our wind turbine training simulator – you won’t find another one like it anywhere else. 

How closely does the Energy Academy work with businesses?

Industry support is a fundamental part of everything we do and the Academy was founded back in 2012 through a collaboration between Newcastle College and Shepherd Offshore. 

Our curriculum is developed with employers and all our courses are focused on preparing people to work in the offshore and renewables sectors. For example, WD Close, which is a welding and fabrication business, helped shape our welding apprenticeship and they support students to gain their industry approval, meaning they’re ready to leave here and get a job. 

Why is being located on the Tyne a benefit for your learners and for businesses? 

We’re just a few hundred metres from the Tyne. Being so close makes the curriculum really relevant to our learners; they can literally see what’s going on in the sites along the river, and companies can see that the Academy is a busy, thriving place. 

We’re also very close to a lot of our industry partners, with Shepherd Offshore, WD Close and Smulders Projects just over the road, and Equinor on the other side of the river. 

What kinds of opportunities for people are there on the Tyne? 

The local area is brilliant, with great opportunities and a big cluster of successful businesses which is only going to grow. 

We see our learners go into a whole range of successful careers, like project managers, cable layers, wind turbine technicians. And it’s a great place to live as well, I love being here. There’s the city centre, the football – it’s just a vibrant place to be. 

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