Seven reasons why the Port of Tyne is a top location choice for offshore and renewable energy businesses

Port of Tyne

Equinor recently selected the Port of Tyne as the location for the Operations and Maintenance Base for the world’s largest wind farm, Dogger Bank. Here are seven reasons why the Port of Tyne is a top choice for renewable energy businesses like Equinor, SSE and Van Oord. 

Consistent deep water access 24/7

The Port of Tyne’s 3km of berths provide up to 13m of water depth, and the river channel is maintained up to a depth of 10m. The port has an ‘open all hours’ approach, providing an easily accessed safe haven, 365 days a year. 

Proximity to the North Sea and Hornsea, Seagreen and Dogger Bank projects 

The Port of Tyne gives businesses direct access to the North Sea, and one of the world’s largest offshore wind markets. It’s just 98 nautical miles from Dogger Bank, 67 nautical miles from Seagreen and 86 nautical miles from Hornsea

A ready-made supply chain

The Port of Tyne gives access to an established offshore energy supply chain, with more than 5,000 energy-related businesses in the region and an international reputation for excellence in oil and gas, subsea technology, marine engineering and offshore renewables. 

A skilled workforce 

Being located at the Port of Tyne places businesses in a region with a track record of excellence in engineering stretching back for generations. Today, you’ll find a workforce with skills ranging from sea bed operations and cable manufacturing, to specialist logistics and marine engineering.

R&D and test facilities 

Businesses located here can take advantage of world-class testing and R&D facilities like Tyne Pressure Testing, with its hyperbaric chambers which can simulate water depths of up to 15,000 metres, and the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult – the UK’s leading innovation and research centre for offshore renewable energy. 

Available riverside sites 

Quayside and riverside locations at the Port of Tyne are available now, some with infrastructure already in place, and some which can be developed to your specifications. See sites available on the Tyne here

Training excellence 

Colleges both North and South of the river Tyne deliver high quality training in energy technologies, manufacturing and maintenance, from Level 2 through to degree level. AIS and Maersk Training also offer specialist courses for the offshore and renewable energy sectors from their state-of-the-art industrial training facilities in the region. And the region’s five universities, and the specialist South Shields Marine School provide research expertise and training for the industry’s future. 

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