Skills and training

Depth and breadth across the energy workforce

A highly skilled talent pool of workers makes North East England a prime location for investors.

There are over 28,000 employees in the energy sector, with skills extending from fabrication to engineering expertise.

North East England is steeped in an engineering tradition with universities and colleges specialising on new innovative engineering practices to equip workers with the skills they need.   The region’s five universities are critical partners in the offshore energy sector.   They have research and technology expertise in a vast range of relevant fields such as marine engineering, design technology, offshore wind engineering, data analytics, and energy efficiency.

The region has nearly 10,000 students studying Engineering and Technology at its universities.

There are a number of Colleges in the Energy Gateway area providing bespoke training for tomorrow’s energy workforce.  These include:

  • Northumberland College’s Wind Turbine Technical Training Centre at the Port of Blyth. The centre provides access to a 27m high climbing tower for ‘working at height’, training technicians in servicing and maintaining wind turbines.
  • Newcastle College’s Energy Academy offers qualifications up to degree level in energy technology, manufacturing, maintenance and apprenticeships and have recently lunched the world’s most advanced Immersive Hybrid Reality (iHR) offshore wind training facility
  • South Shields Marine School has a worldwide reputation for outstanding maritime training

This training excellence is enhanced by a number of world-renowned private sector training providers such as Maersk Training and AIS Training having significant facilities in the area.