Port of Sunderland

Port of Sunderland Overview

Situated on the south side of the River Wear, the Port of Sunderland has recently celebrated a 300th year anniversary.  The Port is municipally owned allowing for long term decision making in its approach to facilitating the ever growing market opportunities that it is attracting to Wearside.
The Port now boasts some impressive port infrastructure and associated services to cater for the supply chain requirements of both the regions industrial hinterland and also those from the oil, gas and expanding offshore renewable market sectors.  These now include a truly multi-modal materials handling operation following the restitution of rail operations to the Port and two sites approved with Enterprise Zone status to incentivise inward investment opportunities.
The opening of the ‘Northern Spire’ third River Wear crossing will enhance road connectivity to and from the Port whose proximity to the International Advanced Manufacturing Park, will provide a further demand for its multi-modal facilities.

Port Facts
Number of Berths13
Number of Ro-Ro Berths1
Length of Quays1650 metres
Warehousing19000 square metres
Max Vessel Dimensions200 metres - length
40 metres – breadth
8.5 metres - draft
Heaviest Load Over Quayside450 tonnes (larger on application)
Port Services & Key Facilities

With deep-water river and dock berths located ten minutes from open sea, the Port of Sunderland provides over 1650 metres of vessel berthing. In addition a unique combination of infrastructure comprising a heavy duty roll out ro-ro ramp, a load out quay and a reinforced crane slab allows for heavy lift cargo handling and project support. Relevant isopach analysis has been undertaken that has allowed offshore turbine installation vessels to jack up within the Port. There is over 55 hectares of developable land immediately behind the Port’s berths with hardstanding and nearly 20,000 square metres of warehousing for material laydown, storage and fabrication. 5 hectares of this land is designated with Enterprises Zone status. The Port’s deep-water Corporation Quay has recently benefitted from the restitution of an operational rail spur adjacent to the quay, allowing a direct link to the national rail network. Over recent years the Port has facilitated major project support for the offshore oil, gas and more latterly renewable sectors recognising its excellent location and marine and shore side facilities. The latter includes a range of materials handling equipment and skilled labour to support customer demand.

Contact Information

Owner: City of Sunderland Council Contact Address: Capstan House, Greenwells Quay, Barrack Street, South Docks, Sunderland, SR1 2BU Email: portcommercial@sunderland.gov.uk Phone: 0191 553 2100