Corporation Quay

Location Sunderland
Quay Length (m)

3.0 ha

Site Size (ha)

3.0 ha

Development Land Size (ha)

1.5 ha

LOA (m)


Beam (m)


Current Draft (LAT) (m)


General load capacity (t/m2)

5te/m2 on the quay 10te/m2 adjacent

Heavy lift capacity (tonnes)

Port owned Harbour Mobile Crane with 121 tonne lifting capacity. Potential to be augmented during 2018


Corporation Quay is the Port’s principal deep-water river berth situated on the west side of the Port estate on the south side of the River Wear. Located 15 minutes from open sea, the facility offers over 323 metres of vessel berthing to vessels with a beam of 35 metres and drafts of 8.5 metres.  The berth has recently benefitted from the restitution of an operational rail spur adjacent to the quay, allowing a direct link to the national rail network. There is over 1.5 hectares of developable rail connected land immediately behind this with recently re-concreted hardstanding and 5,000 square metres of warehousing for material laydown, storage and fabrication. The quay has facilitated major project support for the offshore oil, gas and more latterly renewable sectors and an 11 hectare area on the adjacent Hendon Sidings site has been recently designated as an Enterprise Zone site.


Owners: Port of Sunderland Website: Telephone: 0191 553 2100