Biosignatures raises £3.5m to develop revolutionary diagnostic  technology

Newcastle based Biosignatures has raised a £3.5m led by ADV to transform the lives of millions  of people by diagnosing serious medical conditions earlier than ever before.

Newcastle based Biosignatures has raised £3.5m led by ADV to transform the lives of millions  of people by diagnosing serious medical conditions earlier than ever before.   

Biosignatures​ discovers new blood tests.​ ​The company has developed a machine  learning system which, alongside its powerful sample measurement system, is a  disruptive and dramatically cost-effective step forward in the discovery of new  clinical diagnostic tests.    

25 years ago, GPs had just two blood tests they could use to see if a patient had  cancer. Today, despite billions of pounds spent on medical research, they still only  have those two tests. Biosignatures has solved the key problems in life science  research that cause this dramatic lack of progress. 

Using the investment, Biosignatures is embarking on a major journey that will, over  several years, analyse hundreds of thousands of samples from biobanks, starting in  the UK, with the goal of developing 20 novel diagnostic screening tests.

All 20 tests  could be performed on one blood sample and will be targeted at cancers and  dementias. The market for these tests starts at everyone 50 and over.    

Many companies and research groups are looking to deliver in this space. Billions  have been spent in the process. What makes Biosignatures unique is the team’s  understanding of why previous efforts failed – and the 10 years they have spent  developing a machine learning and protein measurement technology that can  deliver.    

To bring the solution to mass market, Biosignatures is looking to engage  strategically with the global healthcare ecosystem and is looking for backing from  UK stakeholders.     The company’s first product is a blood test for prostate cancer discovered with the  UK’s NHS. In its first independently blinded validation trial it performed four times  better than current clinical practice. This has a potential directly accessible market  of a million tests a year. It also holds great promise for wider application as a screen  for the disease.    

Biosignatures’ management team has a strong background in technology  companies including having founded, built and sold Nonlinear Dynamics.    

Dave Bramwell, co-founder and CTO of Biosignatures, said: ​“We have spent  many years optimising and perfecting the large, high quality data set production  capability needed for the successful application of our advanced AI discovery  systems. This work gives us confidence that the biosignatures we discover will  translate and validate in the clinic. Further, the modified proteins we measure have  been implicated over recent years as critical in many disease processes from  cancer to dementia. These two key elements combine into a unique capability  which places us at the forefront of the production of new clinically relevant early  diagnostics – identified as a critical need for healthcare systems worldwide.”    

Will Dracup, co-founder and CEO of Biosignatures, said: ​“It is safe to say that if  Biosignatures can deliver on this vision – as we believe we can – it will be  transformative for healthcare delivery world-wide. Vast amounts of money can be  saved if an effective set of screening tests can be developed. We will literally be  saving billions by saving millions.”   

Mike Dimelow, Co-founder and CCO at ADV, said:​ “We’ve now invested more  than £25m into health & wellbeing startups and have looked at hundreds more.  Biosignatures is completely unique and has the potential to make a giant leap in  diagnostic blood testing. This team is disrupting a trillion dollar industry and so  competing with billion dollar companies. To truly fulfil this vision the team need the  backing of the ecosystem and significant funding. We’ll do everything we can to  back their ambition and we’re so excited to be involved.” 

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