North East England Works for the rail industry

Our region is the birthplace of rail travel, home to pioneer George Stephenson and his revolutionary ‘Rocket’ steam engine.

We are now writing an exciting new chapter in our story of rail manufacturing.

With a regional workforce renowned for its highly developed engineering and manufacturing skills, and educational institutions such as University Technical College South Durham and Newcastle College’s Rail Academy training the next generation of engineers, the North East has a wealth of available skills and labour.

Hitachi Rail Europe has invested in a £82m production facility based in Newton Aycliffe, where it currently employs over 1,000 highly skilled staff and will supply trains for the UK and European markets.  Hitatchi is complimented by an experienced local supply chain based in the region which includes companies such as Petards, Nomad Digital and Romag, as well as key logistical hubs at the Port of Tyne and to the south, Tessport.

North East England also has expertise in the wider rail manufacturing sector. VMS, whch develops rail signal solutions is one of the market leaders in its field, whilst Siemens supply high-tech electrical components for rolling stock projects.

Newcastle College Rail Academy Video

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