Lower costs

More for your money in North East England

Businesses coming into North East England benefit from low wages and property costs, in addition to a low cost, but high standard of living. The standard of education, training and apprenticeships are some of the best in the country. The bottom line is that you get more for your money in North East England.

North East England has one of the most cost competitive and loyal workforce’s in the UK, offering companies up to a 43% saving on staffing, skilled or otherwise, compared to Inner London at the other end of the scale.

“The factor we found quite interesting was our staff retention rates. I think the norm in customer service centres is around 15% turnover, but what we’ve experienced in the past four years in our service is that it’s about 5%, which is very low. Therefore, what we found was the staff retention by being located in Newcastle is very, very strong.” 

Bryan Taylor, Estates Director, Balfour Beatty

In 2015, Grade A office space in North East England was £347 per sq m making it, on average, 82% cheaper than London, 46% cheaper than Paris and 29% cheaper than Dublin. (Property costs = rent + taxes + service charge).

In the same year, Grade A industrial space was £77 per sq m, giving companies a saving of between 25-41% on the rest of the UK.


Advanced Manufacturing - North East England
Life Sciences - North East England
Digital - North East England
Energy - North East England
Business Services - North East England

Advanced Manufacturing and Automotive

A highly skilled workforce renowned for its exceptional productivity and loyalty, our unmatched operating costs and superb access to UK and overseas markets, make North East England the location of choice for investors.

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Life Sciences

A world class centre of healthcare excellence, a workforce underpinned by university graduate talent and pharmaceutical manufacturing prowess, make our region highly attractive to life sciences investors.

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Home to scores of software and tech companies doing right business across the globe.

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North East England has a worldwide reputation for excellence in oil and gas, subsea technology, marine engineering and offshore renewables.

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Business Services

Our winning combination of a highly skilled, cost competitive workforce,
plentiful Grade A office accommodation and a strong and growing
cluster make our region one of Europe’s best investment locations.

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