Research and development excellence

The North East offers expertise and facilities in developing, testing, manufacturing and the adoption of patient-centred treatments, therapeutics and medicines at a time of demographic change.

Our vibrant research and innovation community features world-leading life sciences companies, a research-active public health system and a strong research and clinical trials network. We are renowned for our centres of excellence in personalised medicine, digital health, advanced therapies and biopharma manufacturing.

From world-leading health research organisations to vibrant SMEs, the region offers investors the opportunity to locate beside some of the most pioneering companies in the life science sector. There are internationally recognised R&D companies within the region such as QuantumDX, Kromek, IDS (Immuno Diagnostic Systems) and Kunasan.

We are home to exceptional research and development (R&D) and science facilities such as Newcastle Helix, CPI, NETPark and the International Centre for Life. Companies locating to the North East can enjoy premium laboratory and office space, plus a range of bespoke soft-landing packages to support their move to the region.

The North East has a highly skilled talent pool, with 7,000 people currently employed in life sciences and a further 116,000 in the manufacturing sector. The region is extremely well-connected by excellent rail, road, air and port networks that offer great export potential to the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

The North East has a unique combination of medical and technology assets, networks and academic expertise to support businesses and investors in the region. It also benefits from closer integration with regional academic, NHS, and innovation support organisations including the Health Innovation – North East & North Cumbria (HI-NENC).

North East England has a range of accelerator programmes to support businesses starting up and growing in the region including the Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing (SAM) programme that supports product/process and technology development in manufacturing SMEs in the region. Also, the Arrow programme links business with knowledge and research from four world-class universities, Durham University, Newcastle University, Northumbria University and the University of Sunderland.

Supporting your move to the North East

Life sciences companies choosing to locate in North East England will benefit from a wide range of business support and cluster networks primed to offer guidance and advice across a range of topics. To support a smooth transition to the region, Invest North East England can provide a range of services, including property searches, data on skills and guidance on incentives, as well as making introductions to specialist networks and academics that can offer guidance and links to potential customers, opportunities and R&D support.


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Michelle Duggan
Inward Investment Manager
M: 07464 649 579


Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN) North East and Cumbria is highly active in the regionAcademic Health Science Networks (AHSN) North East and Cumbria is highly active in the region
Centres of excellence in Personalised Medicine, Digital Health, Advanced Therapies, Biopharma ManufacturingCentres of excellence in Personalised Medicine, Digital Health, Advanced Therapies, Biopharma Manufacturing
NETpark one of the UK's best R&D facilities - Science, Engineering & TechnologyNETpark one of the UK's best R&D facilities - Science, Engineering & Technology
Home to the pioneering National Innovation Centre for AgeingHome to the pioneering National Innovation Centre for Ageing

Why Life Sciences companies choose to locate in North East England

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