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Move on up to North East England

More and more businesses are moving up to North East England, choosing to set up their global operations in the region.

Vibrant city centres and business hubs offering Grade A office accommodation at cost competitive prices

Motivated and highly skilled workforce with low staff turnover rates

Home to five world class universities and R&D expertise

Easy access to national and global markets

Reach London in under 3 hours

More and more businesses are making the move from the congested and over-heated South East of England to North East England. Struggling to find skilled, loyal staff, coupled with soaring property costs, businesses are looking to make the move North, and North East England is the perfect location to base their operations.

Basing ourselves in the North East, and in particular in beautiful city of Durham, is one of the best decisions we’ve made as a business. The region’s fintech community is growing rapidly, there’s a fantastic, supportive network of peers and mentors to help grow your business, and we have some of the best universities in the country generating some outstanding talent.

Gavin Sewell, Co-founder & CEO of Honcho

With access to a highly skilled workforce of more than 1.2 million people, boasting one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the country and an extensive range of competitively priced property options, the region offers the perfect business solution.

A number of companies have already made the decision and moved on up to North East England. Global alarm company Versiure, technology services provider Xplor and the BBC have all located in North East England and are reaping the benefits.

I was involved in the research process to move to North East England and I was also the first employee to relocate here, so I’ve lived the journey end to end. One year on, we can confidently say we made the right decision.

Kevin Croft, Operations Site Director at Verisure

People too are looking to move up North, relocating with their employers, starting new jobs, or remaining here after university. The region offers a fantastic quality of life and a very low cost of living, with cheaper house prices and rentals, low traffic congestion levels and short commute times as well as beautiful countryside and coastline and vibrant city centres. New arrivals are blown away by everything the North East has to offer.

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Move on up for a motivated and loyal workforce

North East England offers a highly skilled, extremely loyal workforce of 1.2 million people, and some of the lowest staff turnover rates in the UK. That gives companies the confidence to recruit, train and invest in their teams. It also reduces the considerable costs of high staff attrition, meaning businesses can focus their time and investment on growth plans.

Virgin Money Newcastle
Atom bank

Move on up and find your people

There are more than 120,000 students studying across the region’s five universities and many thousands more at the region’s colleges; helping produce the workforce of the future. A large proportion of our students decide to stay in the region following their studies, ensuring a solid pipeline of talent. Our universities and colleges work collaboratively with industry to deliver bespoke courses to support talent development and business growth.

Durham University Graduates

Move on up and bring costs down

With significantly lower accommodation costs for Grade A office space compared with London and the South East, coupled with more competitive salary costs North East England is an affordable and cost effective location to do business.

Lower property costs than most other UK regions
The BEAM, Sunderland - Quality Grade A Space in the City Centre of Sunderland

Move on up to a higher quality of life

North East England offers an enviable quality of life; from vibrant city centres to beautiful beaches and countryside. As companies look to provide more flexible working models to meet the needs of a modern workforce, the region offers easy access to coast and countryside, as well as the bustling city centres in Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland. Residents of North East England can typically be by the beach or countryside in less than 60 minutes via public transport.

Move on up and join global markets

An international airport that offers daily flights to London, European hubs and Dubai, and fantastic rail and road networks, North East England is well connected to the UK and global markets. London can be reached by train in 2hr 45m or frequent daily flights mean you can be in the South East in around 60 minutes.

Newcastle International Airport
Central Station, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Move on up for a sophisticated digital infrastructure

North East England has some of the fastest broadband speeds in the UK (18.96 MB/s as of June 2020) so businesses that locate here can be confident of superior connectivity.  For hybrid and flexible working, both rural and city residential locations are fully connected for home and office working.

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