Successful businesses are built on a skilled and loyal workforce – and North East England can provide both.

We have some of the lowest staff attrition rates in the UK. That gives companies the confidence to recruit, train and invest in their teams. It also reduces the considerable costs of high staff turnover, meaning businesses can focus their time and investment on growth plans.

The region has a large pool of workers in the financial, professional and business services sector. More than 133,000 people are employed in business services and over 50,000 in call centre activities, ensuring a constant flow of staff with financial, technical and administrative skills. Workers in this talent pool are highly skilled in digital and business innovation with specialisms in languages, data analytics, business management and administration.

Our colleges and universities offer over 400 courses for the financial, professional and business services sector, providing a strong pipeline of new skilled workers every year. They also work collaboratively with industry to deliver bespoke courses to support talent development and business growth.

There are over 120,000 students at our five universities and 70% of graduates chose to stay in the North East after their studies.

We are also proud to welcome a high rate of overseas students to the region to offer a multi-lingual workforce that is equipped to support global businesses.