Network & Eco-System

North East England has an unrivalled ecosystem of support networks ready to welcome new investors and help them thrive.

A well-established network of sector support organisations offers a soft landing in our region for investors through networking events, industry intelligence, marketing and sector introductions. They include:

  • NOF actively works with its members to help them win new business. Its services ensure members have access to new opportunities both in the UK and internationally and it provides industry intelligence, encourages networking and inter-trading, and makes key sector introductions.
  • Energi Coast promotes the capabilities of regional companies in servicing the offshore renewables markets in the UK, Europe and internationally.
  • Subsea North East promotes the North East of England as a world-class centre for offshore technologies and solutions around subsea.
  • The Global Underwater Hub represents the diverse range of businesses operating in the UK’s £8 billion underwater industry. We facilitate cross-collaboration and growth across the underwater industry, which comprises offshore energy, aquaculture, defence, telecoms and subsea minerals.

North East Energy Catalyst

North East England is home to a unique and comprehensive asset base for innovating, demonstrating and delivering solutions to global energy challenges. It hosts a highly innovative industry base, at the cutting edge of developing and commercialising these solutions, and already supplying into the sector.  Facilitated by the North East Combined Authority the North East Energy Catalyst partners with industry, the public sector, universities, institutions and government bodies to support the sector.  The Catalyst offers a conduit for investment in ambitious innovation projects which will create new markets, and opportunities to collaborate in showcasing solutions to global energy challenges within the North East.

The digital revolution

The digital sector in North East England is also playing a major role in the future of the energy sector. Industry 4.0, automation and robotics are key to the future of the energy sector and companies located in the North East are already engaged in collaborations to develop this cutting-edge technology.

Within the energy sector, the North East fosters collaboration between established companies that have been operating in ‘traditional’ industries for decades and emerging tech companies looking to disrupt new markets. As a direct response, digital companies have located in the region to directly support the automotive and advanced manufacturing sectors and future advancements in the sector. 

North East Tees Valley Digital Catapult helps the region’s businesses transform their operations by accelerating the application of emerging digital technologies. The centre has worked successfully with major companies such as Nissan and Komatsu.