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Talent Insight Group partners with organisations wishing to make better strategic talent and business decisions. We do this by delivering precise research and real-time insight, underpinned by exceptional client service. We take a personal, bespoke and consultative approach to answer key questions for your business.

We currently work with 60+ clients across multiple sectors and to date have delivered research in 42 markets across the world.

With Head Office in Newcastle upon Tyne, we are industry experts with a highly experienced and credible team.

Service we offer to Investors


If you’re looking to open a new facility or expand within a current region, our solution provides insight into talent availability and location feasibility for a local market. It provides:

  • a thorough understanding of the size of the talent pool
  • insight into pay/reward and
  • general appetite/availability to consider a move to your company.

It means your decision making is based on confidence that hiring is achievable.


Our insight allows you to compare and contrast the talent pool and make location decisions based on real time knowledge of the market. We most frequently do this by comparing talent pool size and availability across a small number of locations, whilst capturing public domain data/news. This ensures that you have the data you need to make an informed decision, mitigating risk.

Labour Market Expertise 

If you need a high-level overview of the labour market specific to a location(s), we can help. Our insight captures a raft of information in the public domain, including:

  • labour market and employment statistics
  • recent news
  • competitor hiring activity.

This service is typically used by multi-site organisations seeking a real-time view of the local market, as a prelude to change or when bidding for a contact.

Wider Services

Insight about location is just one of the services we offer. We can also support with:

Insight – for clients wanting to understand the external market and reduce risk, we carry out primary and secondary research. This includes:

  • salary benchmarking
  • brand perception
  • due diligence before finalising recruitment
  • best practice benchmarking.

Search – for clients with an immediate recruitment need, we research the market to find and recruit the best available talent. Our costs are competitive with no placement fees.

Mapping – for clients who want to recruit candidates themselves, our research provides an illuminated view of the talent landscape as a prelude to engagement.

Pipelining – for clients planning ahead for future recruitment, our proactive research provides pre-qualified candidate pools for future talent needs. This is underpinned with real time external market insight.

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