Assets & Facilities

Pharmaceutical manufacturers locating to the North East of England will benefit from our excellent facilities and transport networks.

The region offers easy access to global markets, with strategic rail, road and sea routes connecting us to European and international markets. Our three ports – Port of Tyne, Port of Sunderland and Port of Blyth – provide excellent import and export opportunities and are easily reached from our major road networks.

We have a huge choice of business parks that can accommodate large-scale production. Key development sites at Jade Business Park, Indigo Business Park, the International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP) and Ashwood Business Park are ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturing. This exceptional offer has attracted global manufacturers such as GSK, MSD and Accord Healthcare to locate their production facilities in the North East.

The region offers life sciences companies a unique opportunity to locate in purpose-built labs, dedicated to the advancement of the health and life sciences sector. 

These facilities are part of an established ecosystem that includes many clusters and business networks and a strong education offer in both health and associated sciences, which are already supporting and conducting international R&D research from the region.

In terms of continuous and digitally enabled manufacturing, the region’s centres of excellence are well-placed to support businesses in this area. For example, GSK and AstraZeneca have partnered with CPI to build a continuous manufacturing facility enabled by capabilities at NETPark, in Durham.

We are home to science parks, commercial laboratories and biotechnology villages. This means that, wherever you choose to set up in North East England everything – from research to clinical trials through to mass manufacturing –  is available within an hour’s radius.

Specialist life science facilities include:

This is an outstanding ecosystem for pharmaceutical companies. Everything needed to support life sciences activities is based in the region – from initial research, product development and testing to clinical trials and production facilities. We are a thriving hub of R&D excellence and experts in clinical trials, pharmaceutical manufacturing, precision medicine, and ageing and health.

We are a one-stop-shop of life sciences expertise.