Pharmaceutical companies moving to the North East can access a wealth of talent from our existing workforce and university cohorts. 

There are 7,000 people employed in the life sciences sector and the region’s wide skills base ensures investors can recruit and maintain the most highly skilled staff. 

In addition, there is over 116,000 skilled workers in the manufacturing sector, companies in the region have a large and talented workforce for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Northumberland’s MSD, Aesica, Piramal Pharma Solutions and The Specials Lab, Newcastle-based Accord Healthcare and Sterling Pharma Solutions in North Tyneside have all expanded their North East operations through the recruitment of highly skilled staff.

Key to their decision to locate in the North East is the ready availability of a skilled manufacturing workforce for which the region is renowned.   Global companies are able to recruit experienced and skilled staff in order to carry out their operations and expand in the region.

Also, manufacturing companies located in the region report fewer staff shortages than in other parts of the UK. Our loyal workforce gives manufacturing companies the reassurance that they can recruit, train and retain staff and get a return on investment.

Our labour and operating costs are also a big attraction to investors.  The North East offers highly competitive salary costs for advanced manufacturing jobs.

The region’s talent pool is strengthened by a wealth of students specialising in STEM and engineering subjects primed for the workplace. The region has 67,000 students studying a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) related subject across the region’s five universities. 

The North East’s five universities offer over 125 undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to the life sciences sector.

Our universities have strong broad expertise in many disciplines that underpin life sciences, including robotics, data, manufacturing, artificial intelligence and immersive technology.

We also have the supporting facilities (in universities and specialist centres) to help investors widen their applications, processes and market opportunities.