Recruitment Services

We understand that finding the right staff for your business is important for inward investors. To support you through this process in the North East of England, our Local Authority and private sector partners are here to help. A bespoke package of recruitment support can be organised and may include:

  • Labour market information
  • Development of a high-profile campaign
  • Brokering relationships with local partners to source candidates
  • Advice and guidance on the recruitment process
  • Formulation of job descriptions and person specifications
  • Advice on interview and assessment techniques
  • Apprenticeship support
  • Bespoke training courses and pre-employment training
  • Advertising of vacancies through printed and social media to raise awareness of your company
  • Pre-screening of applicants prior to submission
  • Organise and support the delivery of bespoke recruitment events
  • Access to funding depending on a business’ needs and availability

The North East of England is home to a number of leading recruitment agencies, well-placed to support your business. Some of their services are outlined below, but all are able to offer a bespoke package of support to meet your specific needs.

Details of professional service providers and included in our soft landing package, but this does not constitute a specific endorsement by Invest North East England.